When logging my meals, I’m having trouble finding results for fruits and vegetables. Am I missing something?

NOVEMBER 21, 2020


Not at all. As you can imagine, with tens of thousands of food entries in our database (and more being added daily), sometimes it takes a few tries to find results. We’re continually updating our food database, and user feedback is important. Please let us know if you have comments or suggestions.

Here are some tips for improving your searches:

• Try entering the type of food first — for example, instead of “poached eggs”, enter “eggs, poached.”

• For raw vegetables or fruits, such as apples, type the word “raw” as part of your entry. For example, instead of “apple”, type “raw apple”. This bumps raw variations to the top of the results.

• If you cannot find a precise match, we suggest entering a close match. For example, you may find “raw broccoli”, but not “steamed broccoli.”