Tips for Tracking Meals in Cormeum

Try these ideas for making meal entry even faster in the Cormeum app. With these tips, you’ll be able to track your daily meals and heart-health metrics in just three minutes, twice a day! 

1. Set up daily reminders. 

With Cormeum, you can set up twice-a-day notifications to remind you to enter your meals whenever you find it convenient.

2. Allow for less precise entries. 

When entering your meals you may find it difficult to find an exact match (our food database has 100,000’s of entries). If you can’t find a specific type of food, enter a close match. Capturing trends is more important than capturing exact readings.

3. Grab those frequent fliers! 

Cormeum automatically moves your favorite foods to the top of your search results and stores them on a recents list. It’s a real time saver.

4. When searching Cormeum’s food database, use the following tips to quickly find common items.

Fruits and Vegetables

For raw vegetables or fruits, type the word “raw” as part of your entry. For example, instead of “pear”, type “raw pear.” This bumps raw variations to the top of the results.


For fresh seafood, try beginning your search with “wild.” For example, searching for “wild salmon” will list results for common portions of fresh salmon fillets.

Hamburger and Steak

Searching for “ground beef” will help prioritize results for hamburger. And if steak is on the menu, try searching for “beef steak” plus the particular cut, for example “ribeye beef steak” or “flank beef steak.”

Beer and Wine

Of course you’ll want to consult with your doctor first if you have questions about whether you should imbibe. Beyond that, when searching for beer or wine, try beginning your search with “alcoholic beverage.” For example, searching for “alcoholic beverage beer” or “alcoholic beverage wine” will prioritize results in a helpful way.

As you can imagine, with tens of thousands of food entries in our database (and more being added daily), sometimes it takes a few tries to find results for items on your menu. We’re continually updating our food database, and user feedback is important. Please let us know if you have comments or suggestions.

And remember, whenever you’re looking for inspiration for your next meal, check out our growing list of heart-healthy recipes!