I can’t find my medication listed. Do you have any tips?

DECEMBER 29, 2020


Yes. Medications are listed on our site by both their brand and generic names. If you can’t find a medication listed, we suggest searching for it in its alternate form (for example, if you searched by a generic name, you may want to try a brand name alternative). If you have the medication handy, you may also want to check the spelling on the label to ensure you are entering the name correctly.

As with foods, we are constantly updating our database — in this case, to include new medications or variations of existing ones. We are also adding more over-the-counter medications to improve search results. Please keep in mind that when you enter a medication for the first time, the Cormeum app will list it as part of your medication regime, so it will be easier to include it in your morning or evening checklist.

If you can’t find a medication that we may have overlooked, please let us know. We’ll add it as soon as possible.