Don’t let sodium shock stop you in your tracks!

JANUARY 04, 2022


First-time Cormeum users often receive their first sodium readings with absolute shock. They can’t believe that their favorite foods are so loaded with it. 

Please don’t get discouraged. We find that treating your reading as a baseline makes it easier to keep things in perspective. It’s a starting point. Hopefully one that can inspire you to make the lifestyle changes you want to make to manage your heart failure.

Gradual Change is Key

As we know from making other changes in our lives, the best way to make changes is to make them gradually. Choosing lower sodium alternatives to the foods you already enjoy is a great place to start. Beyond that, you may wish to try some “new to you” recipes (you’ll find dozens of them here thanks to our friend, award-winning Chef Ken Bergeron).

Some favorite foods aren’t loaded with sodium

It’s true! While French Fries and hamburgers piled high with bacon, ketchup and cheese contain tons of sodium, steak and corn on the cob don’t (unless it’s added after the fact). Simply knowing the difference and making informed choices can put you on the track toward better heart health and bringing those sodium levels down.